Our home, Beemster polder

Our Story

Our Polder in the northern part of Holland

Below Sea level

Beemster Polder

Unesco World Heritage

Stirring the curd

Where modern and craft come together

Caring Dairy

sustainability program

Sustainable dairy

Sustainability with the latest technology

Beemster Bee corridor

Helps birds, butterflies and other essential insects
Supplier to the Royal Court
1 min


EU protection of origin for North Holland

Supplier to the Royal Court

Queen Maxima opens our factory
1 min

Our Cheesemaster

Listen to our Cheesemaster

Cheese maturation

Tradition & Passion
Experience us

Amsterdam Cheese company

When you visit Amsterdam

Cheese Cafe

Beer, wine & cheese
1 min

Cheese Store Beemster

The best cheese in town

Cheese markets

Visit the markets