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Beemster Bee corridor

Helps birds, butterflies and other essential insects

In the spring, CONO Kaasmakers, the makers of Beemster cheese, sowed the Beemster Bee corridor together with six enthusiastic farmers. The Beemster Bee corridor starts at the cheese factory and continues with flower strips that run through the entire Beemster.

Wild bees are indispensable

“Wild bees have had a hard time in recent years. We want to make a positive contribution to protecting their habitats together with our farmers. In addition to the bees, the Beemster Bee corridor also helps birds, butterflies and other essential insects. The Beemster Bee corridor is a pilot. In 2020 we want to make the bee corridor bigger together with farmers, the neighborhood and citizens. ” There are plenty of ideas! ” says Grietsje Hoekstra, sustainability manager at CONO Kaasmakers.

Strengthening biodiversity

Bees, as pollinators, play an important role in the field of food supply, biodiversity and a healthy environment. Grietsje Hoekstra: “This is important to all of us. Every farmer works with and depends on nature. You will see nature and biodiversity on and around each farm. Moreover, this is stimulated by our cooperative. ”