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Seven gold for Beemster at the German DLG Awards 2023

Seven times Gold and one time Silver for Beemster at the German DLG awards

Seven cheeses from CONO Kaasmakers: Beemster Mild, Beemster Medium, Beemster X-O, Beemster Goat, Royaal, Royaal Grand Cru and Beemsdammer have won Gold, and Beemster Aged has won Silver at the DLG Awards in Germany, the prestigious cheese competition in the international cheese world.

Every year, the DLG-Testzentrums Lebensmittel in Frankfurt evaluates hundreds of cheeses in different categories. The cheeses are selected each year without prior announcement to participate in the competition. Experts judge the taste, consistency, aroma, exterior, and interior of the cheeses. In addition, a laboratory analyzes the composition of the cheese. Only cheeses that score high in all aspects qualify for a DLG gold medal. These (DLG) medals are awarded annually in June. Following previous years, Beemster has once again been rewarded with multiple medals.

Cheese master at CONO Kaasmakers, Sjoerd Hiemstra, says: “We have been participating in this German cheese competition since 2005. These awards demonstrate the high appreciation for the quality of Beemster cheeses. Our farmers work hard every day to do their best for their cows and the environment. This ensures that the milk is of the highest quality and the cheese tastes the best. We are especially proud this year that Beemsdammer has won a gold medal, a true quality cheese with a mild, nutty flavor. And that’s what we do it for, to make the best quality cheese together.”