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Stirring the curd

Where modern and craft come together

During te making of Beemster cheese, we don’t do concessions. Not in terms of taste, not in terms of production and certainly not in terms of time and care for the cheese. This is the only way to make this extremely tasty and creamy cheese. We make our cheese in a modern cheese factory. On the one hand, the cheese makers work with the most modern techniques. They made a conscious decision to do so. Despite this, the cheese is still made in a very traditional way. This takes more time, which we like to take. Cheese production starts with milk, pure 100% North Holland meadow milk. The cows graze in the pasture for at least 180 days and give milk full of proteins and minerals. This is the best basis for the taste of Beemster cheese. Then cheese production follows. The master cheese makers control the curd themselves and they still stir it by hand in open tubs, just as it used to be on the farm. What is good must remain good. Therefore, the cheeses are aged on wooden boards for as long as necessary. That gives the best taste and the best creaminess.