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Caring Dairy

sustainability program

Our small cheese cooperative consists of around 440 own farms. Everyone knows everyone here. They are mostly family farms with an average of 100 cows. The well-being of their animals is important to the farmers – it is their daily bread, their passion and their tradition. Our comprehensive sustainability system provides the farmers with effective support.

Caring Dairy sustainability programm

Because our 440 dairy farmers are together in a cooperative, we can exchange ideas and learn from each other on a regular basis. All farmers meet twice a year at a general meeting. There they discuss the course of the company and the results achieved. A general meeting often leads to lively discussions, which is only a good thing. By thinking and acting together, we make the difference.

Sustainability in practice

The focus is on maintaining the entire value chain. From grass to cheese. That is why many measures have already been taken for the various links in the chain. For example, many of our farmers have switched to renewable energies (gas and electricity), some even gain solar energy and use it to supply their farms.

Sustainable production chain

We have systematically aligned all individual steps to sustainability, e.g. milk transport. Our milk is picked up in a sensible way by energy-saving trucks powered by diesel gas systems. Adapted route planning ensures further energy saving measures.

Animal welfare – environment – people

The Beemster farmers have integrated Caring Dairy, the sustainability system originally developed by “Ben & Jerry’s”, into their farms since January 1, 2008.

Under the motto “Happy Cows, Happy People, Happy Planet”, they focus on continuously improving the processes for the well-being of their animals, the environment and people. The well-being of dairy animals is a particularly important pillar, along with respect for the environment and the well-being of farmers. The farmers receive bonuses for participating in the system. With regular workshops for the farmers, Beemster ensures that many improvements are implemented consistently and continuously.

Cow comfort

A good example of animal welfare in our stables and thus an important pillar in our sustainability system is our cow hotel, a stable with 200 water beds and massage brushes for the dairy cows.