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Cheese maturation

Tradition & Passion

At Beemster, we agree to make the best cheese in the world. Natural premium cheese: tasty, creamy and of the finest quality.

How we do this?

With grazing: Our cows graze well protected and satisfied on the lush pastures of North Holland. There the fresh sea wind together with the special soils ensure grass containing minerals. And from that our cows give a delicious, high-quality pasture milk for the creamy beemster, which is made from 100% pasture milk.

With craftsmanship: It is very unusual for our time that our master cheese makers stir the curd by hand in open tubs. Real craftsmanship, which contributes to the special creaminess of Beemster.

With time: Attention, naturalness and time are our principles. So our Beemster can ripen naturally on real spruce wood boards until it is found good by the master cheese maker. Only then does he come to the cheese counter. This can take from 5 weeks to 26 months and is like good wine. Outstanding quality is getting better with maturing.

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