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DLG rewards Beemster with 5 golden awards

A good start of the week. Beemster Cheese again have won 5 golden awards at DLG 2019. The prize winners…

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Superior Taste Awards for Beemster Classic & Royaal

Our Beemster Classic and Beemster Royaal have been awarded 3 stars in 2019 Competition of ITQI which refers to being 'exceptional…

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Supergold winner: Royaal Grand Cru

During the International products competition held at the Mondial du Fromage Tours in France June 2019 Beemster Royaal Grand Cru was…

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More Beemster Prize winners

Following the Super Gold award for our 18 months matured Beemster Classic, we proudly announce more prize winners amongst the Beemster…

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Super Gold for Beemster Classic

Again Beemster Cheese wins a Super Gold Award at the World Cheese Awards in Bergen, Norway. This unique cheese with…

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6x Gold at DLG

WESTBEEMSTER – The authoritative German Agricultural Society (DLG) once again awarded gold medals to Beemster cheeses at the annual cheese…

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