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Gold for Beemster and Paradiso Cheese from CONO Cheesemakers

Last weekend the annual election of The World Cheese Awards took place in Trondheim, Norway. 4,500 cheeses are sent from 28 countries to be judged by 264 high-quality judges. The cheeses are tasted blind per category and assessed on aspects such as aroma, texture of the cheese, taste and mouthfeel. The three best cheeses per category are awarded gold, silver or bronze.

CONO Cheesemakers won prizes in this famous competition with several cheeses from the Beemster and Paradiso range. BeemsterLite Old won the gold medal as well as the Paradiso 30+, which are both reduced fat cheeses. These cheeses have impressed some of the world’s leading cheese experts. Prizes were also won for the Royaal, Beemster Mild, Beemster Medium, Royaal Grand Cru and the Beemster Goat.

Cheese master Sjoerd Hiemstra responds to these awards: There is a huge range of cheeses at this competition. We are extremely proud that our cheeses once again stood out. To be fair, the BeemsterLite Old and Paradiso 30+ are our showpieces, they are so tasty, and we are very pleased that the the judges tasted that too!

The World Cheese Awards conclude with a final assessment of 16 Super Gold cheeses. Ultimately, the victory went to a blue-veined cheese from a small artisanal cheese factory in Norway, Gangstad Gårdsysteri.