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Free range cows

Every cow has its own soccerfield

Beemster is made from 100% willow milk. As a pioneer in the pasture, we have been supporting our farmers since 2002 with a great deal of know-how, conviction and good premiums so that they let the cows graze outside during the season. For us, grazing is traditionally part of our understanding of sustainable animal husbandry. Beemster cows are pasture champions today!

In 2018, the Beemster cows were on pasture on 195 days of 11 hours each. This means that we have achieved a pasture quota of 93% of all farms. (Requirements for pasture milk seals 120 days of 6 hours / nationwide pasture rate in NL = 82%)

The happy cows then give the special pasture milk that makes the Beemster cheese so creamy. The pasture milk seal guarantees this quality.