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It is all about working together in a team

Our cheeses are really made in the Beemster polder. Every morning it seems as if all roads in the Beemster polder lead to our cheese factory in the Beemster. Then the 100% North Holland meadow milk, which we use for our cheeses, is driven to our cheese factory in the Beemster polder.

Because our 440 farmers are together in a cooperative, we can keep each other on our toes and learn from each other. All farmers come together twice a year in a members’ meeting. There they discuss the course of the company and the results achieved. A members’ meeting often gives lively discussions, which is only good. By thinking and doing together we make the difference and we get further. 

Our farmers are the boss of the cooperative, where sustainability is of paramount importance. The focus is on making the entire chain sustainable. From blade of grass to cheese. That is why many measures have already been taken for the various links in the chain. For example, many of our  farmers have switched to renewable energy (gas and electricity), and some are even using solar energy.