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Beemster Lite: aged 4 months 

BeemsterLite contains 40% less fat than other aged Dutch cheeses (48+). Created using the same artisan techniques as the rest of the Beemster line, BeemsterLite offers a great taste for health conscious consumers or for those who have dietary concerns. Aged for 4 months, BeemsterLite has a slightly nutty taste with a fresh floral aroma. BeemsterLite is an award winning cheese. Due to its great flavour, cheese connoisseurs have a hard time believing that it is reduced fat.


How to enjoy BeemsterLite?

Beemster cheeses are most flavourful when served at room temperature

BeemsterLite is the healthy yet tasteful snack or in a salad

Grated over pasta, pizza or taco’s or sliced in a sandwich or cubed with a fruit platter

Forms a tasteful combination with lighter beers or Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon wines


This cheese is lactose free.






Energy: 292 Kcal/ 1218 KJ
Protein: 31,1 g
Carbohydrate: 0,0 g
Of wich sugars: 0,0 g
Fats: 18,6 g
Dietary fiber: 0,0 g
Sodium: 859 mg
Calcium: 1030 mg
Ingredients: Cow's milk, cheese culture, rennet, salt, annatto
Fat percentage: 48+ (51,3% fat in dry matter)
Allergens: Cow's milk