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Crystal award for Beemster Classic

Highest distinction for Beemster Classic

Beemster cheese has won the highest possible ‘Crystal Award’ at the Superior Taste Awards with its Beemster Classic. The International Taste and Quality institute, which organized this tasting, only extends this distinction to products that have managed to get the highest score of three stars three years in a row. ‘Indeed, the 18-month Beemster Classic is a “wonderful gem”,’ according to Eric Hulst, director of CONO Cheesemakers. ‘Its full and powerful taste has done well for years, not only among members of the jury at cheese contests but also with consumers. And of course we judge our products ourselves – every Friday, a team of colleagues evaluates our cheeses. The taste depends partly on the quality of the milk. The milk that we use is 100% pasture milk from our 460 cattle farmers. Our production method is also important, of course. We produce our cheese partly based on traditional methods, and that is proving successful’. Beemster Medium, Beemster Royaal and BeemsterLite were also distinguished, with a magnificent 2-star award.


Comparable to a Michelin star

The Superior Taste Award is the only award given by pundits and Michelin chefs for taste. The jury members from iTQi come from 15 different countries and are all members of the most prestigious European culinary associations, including Maîtres Cuisiniers de France, the Academie Culinaire de France, the Academy of Culinary Arts and Euro-Toques. iTQi focuses entirely on judging foods and beverages of the higher segment. Indeed, the professional culinary jury assesses all products by means of a blind test.