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How to use cheese

7 steps to create a perfect cheese platter


1. Count the number of people participating in the party. Per person one needs about 100 grams in total but more is not a deadly sin!

2. Make a selection of soft, blue, semi-hard and hard cheeses to buy.

3. An average cheese platter consists of 7-9 cheeses depending on the expertise of the participants. Odd numbers are best.

4. Make sure you have crackers, grapes, figs, apples and other condiments to serve with the cheeses.

5. Whether you make plates per person or serve it on 1 big plateau; start tasting with soft cheeses and go through blue and semi-hard, always to end with semi-hard and hard cheeses.

6. White wines go better with the softer cheeses and reds with the more robust tastes of the harder cheeses.

7. Enjoy and do not get too frustated when people change the order of tasting.


☺ Cheese at last is to be enjoyed! ☺