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Caring Dairy


Beemster is proud to be part of the Caring Dairy Sustainability Program, with partners like

  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • the University of Wageningen
  • the World Wildlife fund
  • 475 dairy farmers

Caring Dairy was established in 2003 by ice-cream maker Ben & Jerry’s. In 2008, Beemster and Ben & Jerry’s started to collaborate and the program was scaled up to almost all of our dairy farmers.

Caring Dairy

Caring Dairy is focused on the right balance between healthy and happy cows, paying attention to landscape, environment and a fair income for the farmers. Beemster cheeses come from the canal lined pastures of the Beemster Polder in the Netherlands. This most famous Dutch polder was declared an UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999. It is here that farmers work hard to preserve the landscape for future generations, while providing the best care for their animals and the highest quality milk. The Caring Dairy partnership has allowed for a structured approach to help ensure ongoing sustainability steps. From cow to cheese for the most tasteful Beemster cheese!

‘Happy Cows, Happy Farmers, Happy Planet’

How does Caring Dairy work?

  • We always work within the cow to cheese chain of event to ensure more sustainability.
    (such as moving milk from the farms to the dairy with our CO2- neutral transporters).
  • Based on eleven total indicators. We focus on Animal Welfare, Landscape, Energy & Climate and Farmer Welfare.
  • We yearly organize more than 160 workshops for the participating Beemster-farmers.
  • we are supported by NGO’s: WWF, Stichting Natuur en Milieu (Dutch organization for Nature and Environment) and Solidaridad (supporting fair and sustainable trade).