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Beemster heritage

Beemster is proud to make part of the rich history of the Beemster polder. This beautiful region was created centuries ago by human hands. Now it is the nourishing ground for the rich grass where our cows give the best milk from the Netherlands.


Our polder
Over 400 years ago, the industrious Dutch constructed a clever system of dykes and canals that drained the sea water and created “polders” (literally meaning “reclaimed from the sea”, to inhabit the land).

The Beemster polder was reclaimed in 1612 with the help of 55 windmills that pumped out unwanted water, creating lush dairy pastures.

The Beemster cooperative, cheese making and cheese storage facility are still located here.
Over the centuries, carefully planned roads, towns and buildings were built, with dairy and farming as the main occupation.

The Beemster polder from the air

From the air, the Beemster polder is a very recognizable area.
The geometric lines were ‘state of the art’ and very innovative at the time of construction.
The design even formed the inspiration for the street layout of the island of Manhattan, New York!

Fertile clay
The draining of the Beemster was a fantastic move, because the blue clay underneath was very fertile and gave the farmers high yields. The rich, fertile soil is one of the reasons why Beemster cows give us the best milk of the Netherlands.

Our heritage

This most famous Dutch ‘polder’ was declared UNESCO World Heritage site 1999. It is here that farmers work hard to preserve the landscape for future generations.